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The Pompidou Group online Register, intended for the research community, allows the users to find out who does what in drug research. They can consult the information provided by the others and register the information they want to share concerning the projects, researchers, research institutes, funding agencies, calls for collaboration and calls for tender.


Latest calls
Call for collaborationQualitative social and psychological drug research
Call for collaborationQualitative drug research, drug policy analysis
Call for collaborationOpium chewers
Call for collaborationQualitative resaerch with drug users and drug policy analysis
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Latest projects
Develop a Communication Strategy and the Communication Tools To Create Awareness on Drug Addiction Addiction Studies
Drugs in Figures III: study of public expenditures on the drug phenomenonAddiction Studies
Prevalence of excessive internet usage amongst school students from 9th grade onwardsEpidemiology
The Belfast Youth Development Study (BYDS): A Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Drug UseSociology
The intersection between science and drug policy: the role of epidemiology in national and local drug policy in BelgiumCriminology
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